Original photographer:
Constantine Manos

Bill Ganzel


Kennety Edmondson – "A Soldier is Buried in Charleston"

Kenneth Edmondson is comforted by his father Harold at the funeral of his older brother, Harold Jr. He was a 19-year-old Army paratrooper killed in his first combat action in Vietnam. "The Edmondsons are a close family, and God is their guide. 'This life of ours must have meaning,' says Harold's mother, who is a preacher." Photo by Constantine Manos, from the May 31, 1966, edition of LOOK.

Kenneth Edmondson and his father Harold, Sr.

Rev. Kenneth Edmondson holding the funeral notice for his father Harold Sr. from 1990. He is surrounded by three of his grandchildren, Abreia, 12, Brenden, 18, and Morgan, 16. Photo by Bill Ganzel, Charleston S.C., January 2018.

Kenneth Edmondson and his grandkids