Original photographer:
Paul Fusco
Paul Fusco

Bill Ganzel


Opichka Family – "Factory Worker, 'The Children are Everything'"

Paul, Delores, Margaret and Bob. "There are no favorites in this famiy. But Margaret Ann knows she is the baby and the only little girl." Photo by Paul Fusco, from the January 5, 1960, edition of LOOK.
Paul and Delores outside the same house they were photographed in then holding one of the photos published in LOOK. Sons Chuck and Bob and their families still live nearby in Milwaukee. Daughter Margaret Ann and her husband John Brown live in Troutdale OR. The family also includes son Andy and daughter Nancy and her husband John Rose. Paul died in 2021 at the age of 94. Paul and Delores were life-long supporters of unions and the Democratic party.

Opichka family

Son Chuck Opichka outside his home in Milwaukee WI. Photo by Bill Ganzel, July 2018.

Chuck Opichka, Vietnam Vet

Son Bob and Dawn Opichka on their Harley, Milwaukee WI. Bob loved his folks but became a Trump supporter. Photo by Bill Ganzel, July 2018.

Bob and Dawn Opichka