Philippe Halsman
Photographer Philippe Halsman

Bill Ganzel


Ted Sorensen – The Big Wheels

In January 1961, Nebraska native Theodore (Ted) Sorensen entered the White House as the domestic policy advisor and speech writer for newly elected President John F. Kennedy. LOOK wrote, “The 33-year old Nebraskan joined Kennedy’s staff ten years ago as a research assistant, with a political credo substantially more liberal than his employer’s. Interacting on each other the two now share almost identical outlooks.” The article called Ted JFK’s “closest advisor.” Photo by Philippe Halsman, from the January 2, 1962, edition of LOOK.

Ted Sorensen with JFK

In the summer of 2006, Ted Sorensen kept Nebraska political activists hanging on every word at a fund raiser for U.S. Senator Ben Nelson. Sorensen believed that the 60s were pivotal. “We put to the test the question of whether the world could survive the nuclear age,” he says. “Secondly, it was the first time since Abraham Lincoln that the U.S. faced up the issue of black-white relations in our country." He died in October 2010. Photo by Bill Ganzel, May, 2006.


Helga Zirkel Schwarten