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Chuck Williams and David Babbs "The Class of '68"

Chuck Williams and David Babbs

Chuck Williams (left) and David Babbs played football together for Denver (Colo.) East. Babbs turned down out-of-state college offers to attend U. of Colorado with Williams. Both received athletic scholarships – all expenses "plus $15 a month for extras," Babbs says.

In the article, David was concerned with his fellow-students' emphasis on grade-point averages as the main way to get into good colleges. "The kids at Denver East put too much emphasis on getting grades," says David Babbs, now at U. of Colorado, "and not enough on values. I think you are asking for trouble when there's a fight to get a 93 for an A, instaed of a 92 for a B." September 1964. Photo by Douglas Jones.

Chuck Williams and David Babbs, Sept. 11, 2011

Chuck Williams and David Babbs at Denver East High School, Sept. 11, 2011. The two have remained friends since junior high school and work for the same environmental restoration company in Denver. Chuck went from college to a career as a professional basketball player for the ABA and NBA. David's father, Carlton, was a minister at Park Hill United Methodist Church who fought for racial integration. After this photo was taken, Chuck and David attended a church service at Park Hill that honored 9-11 and Dr. Carlton Babbs' career. Photo by Bill Ganzel.

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