Original photographer:
Douglas Jones

Bill Ganzel


Helga Zirkel Schwarten – "The Class of '68"

"College entrance for Helga [Zirkel] is the end of a long road. Evanston [Illinois] High's aptitude and interest tests channeled her toward an art major. Then advisors helped her plan a program and choose a college. 'I almost wish I could have stayed longer,' she says. 'There's so much I don't know.'" Photo by Douglas Jones, from the September 22, 1964, edition of LOOK.

Helga Zirkel

Helga Zirkel Schwarten at an outdoor restaraunt table in the suburban Chicago area. Despite being elected homecoming queen at Evanston High, she says she experienced some discrimination because her family immigrated from Germany after WWII. She did go on to study at the Chicago Art Institute. With her husband Tom, they raised three daughters. After a recent cancer scare, Helga returned to painting with determination. Some of her work can be seen here. Photo by Bill Ganzel, July, 2018.


Helga Zirkel Schwarten