Original photographer:
Phillip Harrington
Phillip Harrington

Bill Ganzel


Joanne Fuchs – "The 1960's will make us or break us..."

Johanne Fuchs ponders a LOOK question while the baby, Jeanne, eats lunch at their Colorado ranch. "We just couldn't live any other way. The next 10 years – the 1960's – will make us or break us, because we must make this place pay." Photo by Phillip Harrington, from the January 5, 1960, edition of LOOK.

Johanne Fuchs and Jeanne

Johanne Fuchs and her son Ethan eating lunch at Ethan's ranch south of Santa Rosa, NM. Johamme and her husband Hollis lost their ranch at Hot Sulplhur Springs, Colorado, later in the 1960s. Hollis was killed in a ranch accident shortly after. But all three of kids, Ethan, Becky and Jean still live "at the end of dirt roads" in New Mexico and Texas. Photo by Bill Ganzel, June 2017.

Johanne and Ethan Fuchs