Original photographer:
Douglas Jones

Bill Ganzel


Linda Greer Snider – "The Class of '68"

Linda Greer Snider in her gardening shed, Lexington, NC. She says that her picture on the cover of LOOK resulted in unwanted mail – marriage proposals from strangers. She and her husband Rick are now retired from a mission career with Mercy Ships. Photo by Bill Ganzel, January 2018.

Linda Greer Snider in 2018

"A penalty for progress. All students do not regard higher scholarstic standards as a total blessing. Linda Greer (right), who was voted most likely to succeed at Labette County (Kans.) High School, says, 'When my sisters were in school, they did not get any advanced classes and did not work hard and got straight A's. whereas I worked hard and am as smart as they are and did not get straight A's.' Linda is a freshman at Kansas State College in Pittsburg, Kans." Photo by Douglas Jones, from the September 22, 1964, edition of LOOK.

Linda Greer in 1964